Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How many people are without health insurance in Jefferson County?

A:  There are currently about 5,000 community members without insurance in our county.

Q:  What are the income requirements?

A:  A single person can earn up to $49,000 and a family of 4 can earn up to $98,000 and qualify for care at the clinic.  For a complete table of income levels, please click here.

Q:  Do I have to make an appointment or can I just walk-in?

A:  We do see our patient by appointments.  However, most days we have slots reserved for immediate, acute issues, so it is likely you can be seen within the day or two – but please call first at 920-674-7442.

Q:  What if I live in Whitewater but not in Jefferson County?

A:  We see patients from all of Whitewater not just the Jefferson County portion of the city.

Q:  What if I do not have the paperwork/documents needed to prove my income or residence?

A:  If you do not have this information, please alert the volunteer you are talking with and we can find an alternative means of verification. 

Q:  Why am I being scheduled for a “Continued Care Appointment”?

A:  At this appointment (which will be scheduled after you have seen the doctor for your acute need), the screening volunteer will ensure that you do not qualify for other more comprehensive insurance.  This appointment is required for your ongoing care at the clinic.