There are several opportunities for those interested in volunteering at the Rock River Free Clinic:

  1. Front Desk – This role is great for someone good at multi-tasking!  The Front Desk is a hub of activity and is the first person to greet our patients!  Shifts are 4 hours each and typically volunteers commit to at least two shifts a month.
  2. Screening – This role is critical in determining the best continued care situation for our patients.  Volunteer screeners meet with each new patient to determine if the patient meets our eligibility criteria or if they can be assisted in applying for BadgerCare or Marketplace insurance.  This is a great fit for someone who likes more involved one-on-one assisting.
  3. Board of Directors – To be involved at this level, volunteers should be interested in strategic planning and policy work.  It is a great opportunity to make an impact in the community by assisting in the leadership of the RRFC.
  4. Committee Member – If a volunteer has a particular interest but is not wanting to become involved at the Board level, this is a way to “test the waters.”  The current standing committees are:  Client Marketing/Outreach and Finance.  Volunteers with interest and expertise in this area would be ideal for this role.

Please contact Lora Maas, Executive Director, at (920) 674-7442  if you’re interested in volunteering.